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You are unique.
Own it.

Your pictures should reflect your uniqueness.

Let me capture images of you that let you shine, let you be yourself, and that you will love. And it's okay to love a picture of yourself. There's nothing wrong with appreciating who you are and how far you've come. Own it.


Happiness isn't profitable. You can't sell a wrinkle cream to someone who is happy with the way they look. You can't sell a gym membership or a diet to someone who is happy with their weight. You can't sell cosmetic surgery to someone who is happy with their body just the way it is. We are made to feel bad about ourselves in so many ways -- too young/too old, too skinny/too fat, too pale/too dark, too this/too that . We always fall short of the "standard" set by profit margins. But that's nothing to aspire to! There's only one you.

You are unique. Own it.


Create a Calendar!


From now until the end of November, come into Crazy Chick Photography for a special "Calendar" session: a 60-minute photo session for only $69! You'll get to select the 13 images you want featured in your calendar (one for the cover, of course!) within just one week of your session. 8.5"x11" calendars are $25 each, but if you buy 2 or more they are $20 each. 11x14" calendars are $30 each, but only $25 each when you buy 2 or more. If you book early enough, your calendar could be a great holiday gift! Book now!

Senior Photos

High School Senior photos

No Packages! Order only what you need.

No Minimum Print Purchase! What you spend is up to you.

What to Expect & Pricing


A portrait session is for individuals, friends, couples, families, and small groups who want some fun, fresh pictures that reflect their personality. Great for sharing on social media, catching more attention on dating websites, sharing with friends and family, and for framing.

What to Expect & Pricing

Head Shots

As a professional, you know how important your head shots are for promoting your business or service. You also know how important it is to stand out from your competitors. The right image on your business card and website can do so much for you.

What to Expect & Pricing


We are, by nature, sexual, sensual beings. Accepting that fact is an important step towards self-acceptance and personal growth. A boudoir session is an opportunity to celebrate your sensuality in a safe, non-judgmental environment. It's also a confidence-building experience that you will not soon forget, and will most likely want to repeat.

What to Expect & Pricing

About Me

I think that photographs should be as unique as the person they are photographs of. Those are the kind of photographs I want for myself, and for others.

Photography is not my career, it's my passion. My in-home studio in Centerville, Ohio allows me to offer professional and personalized photo shoots. I also occasionally do location shoots (outdoors, your home, etc).

So, if you're looking for a more boutique, fitted-to-you photography experience by a photographer who truly wants to create pictures of you that you'll absolutely love, you'll find that at Crazy Chick Photography.

Call, text, or email me today to book your photo session.

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